When a tooth is extracted, it is highly recommended to have it replaced to prevent movement of adjacent teeth and over-eruption of opposing teeth.  Bridge is one of the treatment options.  It involves cutting the adjacent teeth and using them as support for the bridge.  The bridge is then cemented in place and is not removable.

When there is adequate bone in the edentulous area, dental implant is normally the preferred option as it does not require cutting of adjacent teeth, thereby rendering the treatment more conservative.  The implant is placed in the jawbone and, after a period of time, a crown is placed over the implant.  Implants can be used to support bridge and denture as well. We use Straumann Implants which is one of the pioneers in the implant business.


Dentures are usually made to replace multiple missing teeth.  These are removable appliances and can be partial or complete.  With dentures done in our office we will ensure optimal fit and esthetics by utilizing existing teeth and may involve recontouring, fillings, extraction or crowns prior to fabrication of dentures.